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MINI Auto X School on March 26 post-event email. Please check your email if you registered ×


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  1. Sounds like fun! I’d be interested as a newbie and would need a loaner helmet.
  2. My 2006 runs at about 195-200 with some creeping up to 205. If I sit at idle it may occasionally get up to 221 where the fan kicks on. You’re in good shape. You can also check the fan operation by turning on ac.
  3. Looks good! I ordered my side graphics from them. Good quality!
  4. Perry

    Run For the Roses

    Had a great time today and wish to thank Mike and Lorri for putting together a fun event and great ride. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meet.
  5. I have a 15% Alta supercharger pulley for sale. Also have the removal tool if needed. $80 for pulley, $140 for both. Comes with used belt in good shape.
  6. Just recently installed the Milltek exhaust on my R52 and now added new wheels and Continental extreme contact sport tires. Ready for some outings!
  7. Had a good time and look forward to getting together in the future for more driving fun!
  8. Thanks for the info. Looks like the weather may be right for a great ride!
  9. What’s the address of the Leesburg Public House?
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