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    cosplay, gaming, reading
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    Factory JCW Countryman
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  1. Sollestia

    New cabin

    YAY! Ali did it!
  2. Sollestia

    What a great week and an idea for next year

    YAS Bob Ross cosplay!
  3. Sollestia

    Pre-Dragon Happy Hour at Ted's Bulletin

    See you then! @CHILLIN
  4. Sollestia

    MOTD Shirts

    Me too! Just let me know.
  5. Sollestia

    Who's going?

    Ross this makes me so sad. Yay on the house though!
  6. Sollestia

    photograph your MINI at the Dragon

    Oooo ooh pick me pick me! No seriously any time would be awesome!
  7. Sollestia

    Who's going?

    Yes please. Nestle me
  8. Sollestia

    Mistress Run 2018 - Feb 11

    Yay! Super excited.
  9. Sollestia

    Winter Vintner Run

    I'm hoping I can come. I might bring a guest. Im not a fan of barrel oak but I love the others!
  10. Sollestia

    Post Holiday Party

    I'll bring a pecan pie. And I'm more than happy to help with cleanup!