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  1. So as cute as the Holly Berry idea is for a name, I don't think people will get it. I would like to be a Christmas Tree for the parade.
  2. I like that idea. Plus it won't be as busy on a Friday night than most of the places in Mosaic.
  3. Ali, our original time request was for 9am (request on 9/29). Then when you moved it to an hour shift it got moved to 10am. No big deal, but now we're at 11am. Can you please move us up earlier?
  4. That's just a stone throw from my house. I'll try to go.
  5. That's great Ali! You've done such a great job!
  6. I've had mimosas there. too bad they're not $3 each like at other brunch spots.
  7. Sadly, I'll be a spectator only this year. I had two exams this week so no time to make a costume.
  8. Thanks Haemish, that was a lot of work and it was all handmade stuff.
  9. I don't think my black widow spider photographs as well as it looked in person, especially the moving components... yeah that's right newbies.... I kid I kid!
  10. One more question Ali for Wardel (no rush). I got tint from him at the "Beat the Rays" tint party organized by Corey held at GarageMahal. I'd like to get the windshield stripe but I don't need new tint. Would I have to pay the $25 or $50 rate?
  11. Side note, I JUST noticed your signature block. Sweet!
  12. Got it. I think 9am is early enough actually. It is a weekend after all
  13. This is the day of the Marine Corps Ball so if we could get the earliest tint appointment we'd appreciate it.
  14. Congratulations to the new Board! Welcome back Ali and Hilary who were reelected and new BM Alex, as well as the BM's finishing their term, Rey, Melissa, Brandy, and Chris!
  15. Nick, I don't think anyone wants to get there at 0630.
  16. Do they allow dogs inside the patio or they have to be tied up outside the patio? I know it's going to rain, just curious.
  17. Man, I can't bring my pack? HAHA lol that won't happen.
  18. AJZGIGI our prices are discounted quarterly to be fair to new members in their first year based on the amount of time they got to benefit from the club. As Ali (TGGRRR) mentioned the Annual Meeting is at the end of Sept which is only for members. The club provides a chili buffet lunch and members vote for the new board.
  19. Wow! Only 330 miles. Either really loved or under-appreciated! Too bad it's a justa.
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