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  1. Lots of maybes on this one. :-P
  2. Yeah we should do it. There's already a HH next week. We could plan for 9/21.
  3. Can you ask him where he got it too?
  4. I'm interested in the whole set.
  5. Anyone interested in going to TopGolf Alexandria this week or next for Happy Hour? http://topgolf.com/us/alexandria/ 6625 S. Van Dorn Street Alexandria, VA 22315 What is TopGolf? The best way I like to describe it is -- you take your driving range, add bar drinks/food that can be ordered and delivered directly to your bay, dartboard like targets in the field, and microchipped golf balls that not only track how far your ball has travelled, but also how close it landed to the bull's-eye of the targets which gives you a score. You do not have to know how to play golf to enjoy it.
  6. This means anyone going to the go karts trip would be going to Logan's two days in a row... :-/
  7. We talked about it at the picnic before I left so I'm sure further discussions were had. Beth shared that she was recycling the route they used with the Harley club which started at the dealership in Fairfax (near Fairfax Circle). A few others chimed in with suggestions.
  8. Awesome Steve! Also Mark and Kimberly are going!
  9. I've gone several years, but recently my college responsibilities kept me from going. It's a really good time. I also recommend looking into the Auto Train as a transportation option.
  10. So I'm booking my hotel now to go to this, however I'm considering flying there since I don't have a lot of leave time. Anyone else thinking of going?!? Event dates need to change to Oct 21-23rd. Thanks!
  11. I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting several new members. Also enjoyed the surprise of wannabe MINI owner Duane . On another note, it's crazy to think we were talking about Director Gary Marshall (with Ali and Stephen) and a couple hours later the WTOP alert comes in that he passed away.
  12. I'm almost there. See you soon.
  13. I'm glad I said I was technically free. Turns out surprise plans were made Have fun guys. Catch you next time for sure.
  14. I'm all for coming tonight but it's so hot that I need to go paddle boarding after my workout. If I still have energy I'll head that way. I'm a maybe.
  15. Do you feel up to taking the lead on organizing one next week?
  16. I vote Springfield too, but not on Mon or Wed. I have three more nights of class (Fri, Mon, & Wed) and then I'm basically done with college (take home final - YES!!).
  17. Their route doesn't go near I-95 (fortunately for them, but unfortunately because it would be awesome to see them). They're going a lot more west and stopping mid-way in Culpeper. http://www.minitakesthestates.com/docs/dailyRouteSheets/MTTS-2016_Day3_0711_Rich-Balt.pdf
  18. Bert, if you leave a little earlier, want to caravan down? BRG's need to stick together!
  19. I think there's a bunch of folks heading to Kings Dominion. I have a concert at Wolf Trap Sun night so I'm continuing home from Charlotte.
  20. Donross, there's a person on the event fb page who has hotels but can't go. She's looking for people who may want to take over the reservations.
  21. Hitting the road Sat morning to meet you all in Charlotte. Unfortunately Richmond is as far as we can go, but it's something!
  22. Update, you can now contact me if you would like to purchase this. Thanks!
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