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  1. Speaking of MTTB; is it going to be on 11/5 or 11/12? I don't see it on the calendar yet. Hoping for 11/12, so I can participate!
  2. I purchased the men's high tops, got an email receipt, and then subsequently an email stating they were no longer available. Boo.
  3. I have an iPhone and a Fitbit. The phone was paired with my Mini prior to my Fitbit being paired with my phone. Never had an issue. Unpair both, then pair the phone to you car, then (away from your car aka disconnected from) pair your Fitbit.
  4. Check with http://www.zebrastripes.com/ in Chantilly.
  5. Someone needs to update the date in the last two PayPal paragraphs re: renewals - both state 2014.
  6. Doubting I will be able to make the prep party. I'll be driving Phineus back from a weekend with my parents in Pittsburgh. As an FYI, I am decorating him as a jack-in-the-box for the parade.
  7. Yes, they were giving updates on us every 10 or 15 minutes while they were doing the regular traffic reports.
  8. Can we get in the Vehicle group this year?
  9. In case you're not aware, the Logan's Roadhouse in Fairfax is permanently closed as of about two weeks ago. The one in Manassas is the only other one in the area.
  10. I'm pretty sure I saw you a couple weeks ago, but I think we were in the Grand Cherokee and the waving would have been "awkward." :wavey:
  11. So, last Thursday evening during the torrential downpour, I come out of the gym, get in Phineus, and he notifies me that his rear passenger tire is low. Just great. He has run flats and knew he could wait until morning after it dried up. Friday morning I go to put air in and, upon doing so, I discover a screw lodged in his rear driver tire, however, he never complained of it being low. I called MOS and was told I could come in immediately, so off I go from Manassas. We land safely and I report the two issues to the service advisor. I also note that he has tire/rim insurance that I purchased when I got him and used once for rim rash and once for a front tire that got a screw in it. MOS looks him over and finds a screw also lodged in his rear passenger tire. No idea how it happened, but I'm really glad I purchased the insurance. The two tires would have cost about $650 for me to replace, according to the work order, but instead cost me nothing every time I've had to use it. So, out of four tires, three of them are new within the past year or so of the three years I've had him.
  12. Sounds good. I just sent in the final payment on Phineus, who is now 37 months old, so I guess I need to do something here.
  13. Which level did you go with? Silver, Gold or Platinum?
  14. I don't know about the ability to have a spare in a Roadster. It's my understanding that all Roadsters came with run flats, unless the owner specified elsewise. I've stuck with the run flats for the very reason of the difficulty in having a spare. Although the ride isn't as great, the chances of getting a flat are lessened. I purchased the lifetime tire and rim insurance from MOS and have used both - a screw damaged one so badly that it had to be replaced, which cost me nothing and I curb-rashed a rim, but now you'd never know it.
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