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Tri-State Hop Skip and a Brew

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Event Title: Tri-State Hop Skip and a Brew

Event Date: 09/18/2022 10:00 AM to 09/18/2022 05:00 PM

Event Address:


Corey always says put together the run you want to do.  So September's HSB is going to be a little longer, and it's going to be an open run.  I have a couple non-MINI friends that I will be inviting.   If you bring anyone new they need to attend the driver's meeting.  Non-MINI's will run at the end of the line.  Post here if you are bringing a non-MINI so we can keep track of how big.  I would like to keep this around 20 cars total, I set the RSVP limit to 15.


Last year this run was a big hit.  It's some of everyone's favorite roads.



10:00 Cars and Coffee Leesburg  (arrive as early as 9 to check out C&C)

10:15 Drivers meeting

10:30 Wheels Up

12:00 Harvest Gap Brewery


Rough map:


RSVP on the event here: 

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Agree, weather is looking great 😎


Looks like all my other car friends are busy this weekend.  I will bump the head count to 20 incase more people want to join in.


PS: you guys are chasing the BMW this weekend.  My MINI met a rock it couldn't clear and is spending time at GT Peace :( 

@STXMINI When I edit the invite it throws an error.  Can you bump the allowed to 20 please?

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