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6 hours ago, Mini Countryman 2014 said:



We were wondering if Dc Metro Minis has considered participating in the Gay Pride parade in DC in support of the LGBT+ which I’m sure we have a few members, including myself. 

We think it would be fun! 





Hi Mario, What date specifically? Looks like it's the first weekend in June? 

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On 5/10/2022 at 9:49 AM, Mini Countryman 2014 said:

It’s usually the first weekend of June but I looked it up and it’s on Saturday, June 11th, and then the Festival is Sunday, June 12th.


you can also see more info on www.capitalpride.org





Hi Mario,


What we'd like to do is to direct you toward our Calendar Page where you can create the event. https://dcmetrominis.org/forum/calendar/


(1) Hit the blue "Create Event" button at the top (By the settings cog)

(2) You will see a drop down menu that asks you which calendar you'd like to put the event on.

(3) Choose "DCMM Club Calendar"

(4) This is where you create the event:

 -Please label it as an "External Event" (This lets our users know that this is not necessarily a MINI event) And give it a good caption.

 -Make sure you put in as much detail as possible about the event. 

 -Where you'd like to meet / Certain place? Or a certain time?

 -If you're going to drive down together etc...

(5) When finished, hit the "Submit Event" button at the bottom of the page and it will then be on the DCMM club calendar


*Once you've created the event with the details, I can then get it out on social media for you (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 


We appreciate that you've reached out about this important (And fun) external event!




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