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Best wireless OBD2 adapter on sale

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Hey folks,


I just learned that for one week only to celebrate their 14th anniversary, PLX Devices is selling their Kiwi 3 wireless OBD2 adapter for $90, instead of the usual $150.


If you've thought about getting one before, so you can run electronic gauges on your smartphone or tablet, or just to be able to read OBD2 error codes, this one is the best available, IMO.


It's both iOS and Android compatible, and is very small - only sticks out 0.7" from your MINIs OBD2 port - I believe it's the most compact adapter on the market. It is also very efficient with power consumption and is very fast compared to other OBD2 adapters (gives smoother & faster data updates to the app on your device).


I bought one via Kickstarter a couple of years ago for the same $90 price, so it's a very good deal, IMO.


Here's the link, if you are interested:


Kiwi 3 OBD2 OBDII Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner


...and here's their product video on it:



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