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caravan thread

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Post here if you want to caravan and what day you leave


Remember this is a public forum so don't go listing too much personal information so that someone could figure out that your house is empty.


Past experience has also shown that large caravans can be stressful on highways. I think we found that 6 and under is ideal and 8 is manageable. So if there's a big day it's a good idea to break them up.


We tend to have bigger caravans coming home on Sunday


Current caravan is



Mark (MarkDDrew)

Craig (SneakyBaron)

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typically, how long does it take to get there?


Last year, from Baltimore I took Skyline Dr, Did a portion of Blue Ridge...then go off at Tye Dr to 81S, then I hopped off to do the back of the dragon. then straight into Fontana. Took 13hrs in one shot


I'd love to do the Snake this year (for the old check in the box).

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So the plan is as the last few years we'll meet at the gas station on 81 just south of where 66 hits 81. We meet at 7:00 and then head out from there. Usually make it to Fontana around 2:00 - 3:00. It depends if we stop for groceries on the way. There's a really good grocery store about an hour before we get there that is worth the stop.


So far I have Mark, Ali and Craig in the caravan. I think I'll update the first thread so as we get more people we can keep track

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Looks like I'll be heading down on Monday, Coming from Baltimore,MD>Abington, VA>Mountain City, NC (Hitting Spoon Gap & the Snake)>Fontana Restort, NC.


Debating on hitting Skyline Drive on the way down, Did it last year (for the first time) but it was real foggy...


I would more than welcome company :top: :motor:

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