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Meet the New Countryman

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Meet the new Countryman before it's in showrooms


Friday, January 27



Passport MINI of Alexandria

5990 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22304




To avoid the aggressive marketing we've experienced from these events in the past, RSVP here and we will forward our numbers to the dealership before the event.



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In the past these events are a lot of fun. I'm going but I'm not going to officially RSVP through Passport because I don't want calls from marketing asking me to bring my current MINI in for an evaluation.


If you sign up for a raffle it's the same thing, you're giving marketing your contact info. Unfortunately the person that calls is not from PMoA and we've had issues with that company being pushy.


I hope to see a new orange Countryman!!!! They really need an orange one

Tigger 2006 the cabrio and Riversong the 2014 Countryman


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The DC Auto show opens this weekend. I wonder if they will take the new Countryman to the expo center after this event? I'll ask David Hellmuth when I give him our RSVP numbers.


Nope, the convention center gets loaded today. Can't get a car in after that.

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That makes sense. And now that I think back to the event they did for the new Clubman, they had at least 3 of them onsite that night - one in the showroom and 2 available for test drives. Definitely can't take one for a spin at the auto show... They likely have different sets of vehicles for these events vs. those on the show circuit.

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