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  1. Event Title: External Event: Cars and Cigars

    Event Date: 04/09/2022 02:00 PM to 04/09/2022 12:00 AM

    Event Address: Ashburn, VA

    When I am not having out with DCMM I help host Cars and Cigars events.  Any interest in getting a couple MINI's together?  We host events about once a month, with 100's of cars.


    Time: 2-5 PM

    Get there early for good parking.  


    Location:  DC Prime Steaks

    20120 Lakeview Center Plz 

    Ashburn, VA



    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/983970168882904

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Canmf6ELLCB/







    RSVP on the event here: 

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  2. I think you will be happy with the BC's, probably the best value.


    I didn't think the sway bar is that expensive for what it gains you.  Plus if they are already pulling parts of the car apart, the install is better to do all at one time.  Almost zero side to side roll on my MINI now, set to medium for the sway-bar.

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  3. Sorry for the slow reply :) 


    I am running BC Racing Coilovers on my F55 with a (i think) NM Racing rear sway bar.  Love the setup.  I had NM springs on factory shocks for a couple years.  They were OK, but eventually the shocks started leaking and it was bouncy.  The BC coils are great, and fully adjustable.



    I also ditched the run flats and run 2 sets of tires.  Summer only tires on the factory rims, and a winter set on another set of rims.  


    To complicate the question, on my BMW m235i I run Blistien B16's with electronic dampening control retained to the factory sport button.  And they are AMAZING, but over 2x the price.  So it can be true that you get what you pay for.  


    Let me know if you have more questions.


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  4. Just now, STXMINI said:

    Not sure what he’s doing wrong with the jack? 🤨 He’s got it in the designated spot on the car. (Learned today that MINI marks them on the side skirt) and because it was lifted only to move the tire out of the way for install it was where it should be. 
    Big Dog has worked on cars his whole life, he’s good, but thanks. ☺️


    The rule is never trust a hydraulic or scissor jack with your life, always use a fixed jack-stand if you're going to be under the car.


    It might just be the photo angle, it's hard to tell how everything lines up.  Assuming his head isn't actually under any part of the car, this is probably fine.

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  5. 1 hour ago, STXMINI said:

    In an effort to be kind to the Littles, STXMINI got some new accessories today. The Big Dog put some OEM mud flaps on for me today (Front & rear). We're hoping this helps with the rock spray issue we're told happens when you follow us during runs.


    Hard being the tallest girl in the class...

    Rear mud flaps.JPG

    Front mud flaps.JPG


    Looks good!!  Happy to follow you guys anytime 👍 :) 


    Side note, do we need to have the jack stand discussion???   Never trust a jack ;) 


    Both cars had baths and are tucked away for the night :) 



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    Important update, someone I was working with as recently as Thursday tested Covid positive Friday evening.  For everyones health and safety around the holiday's I am going to cancel this run.  Sorry for the late notice, I just found out a couple minutes ago.


    :( :( 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, STXMINI said:

    My kid totaled my beloved 2010 Ford Flex (I CAN LOVE MORE THAN ONE CAR) so he's been using my STXMINI while he tries to find a new used car in his price range (He'd have better luck finding the treasure on Oak Island right now.)


    I really could use a run, just so I can actually drive my own car again, but we are Covid positive in our house and I feel like a truck ran me over.

    Doh, that went from bad to worse.  Hopefully your kid is ok after the crash, but I agree that finding a replacement car these days is tough.  


    Wishing you guys a speedy recovery from Covid.


    We will catch up with you guys in the new year for a run.

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  8. Event Title: Escape the boredom run Sunday 12/19

    Event Date: 12/19/2021 12:00 AM

    Event Address:



    Important update, someone I was working with as recently as Thursday tested Covid positive Friday evening.  For everyones health and safety around the holiday's I am going to cancel this run.  Sorry for the late notice, I just found out a couple minutes ago.



    Anyone interested in a run this Sunday?  I have an itch that needs scratched, and miss time on back roads.  1800 miles on 95 going to and from Disney World has me missing twisty roads.


    Run is on! 

    Will need someone to sweep (unless someone else wants to lead).


    Date: Sunday December 19th


    Rough idea:

    10:00 Meet at Leesburg Public House (cars and coffee from 9-11)

    10:15 Drivers Meeting

    10:30 Wheels up

    11:45 (ish) End at Harvest Gap brewery


    I don't have a route yet, but it's likely to pass through the famous Lovettsville Squirkle at some point :)  



    RSVP on the event here: 

  9. 2 minutes ago, woodywilliams said:

    I had a wonderful time. Thanks so much, hopefully I can get another run in before the season ends. 16F93976-86F3-445B-9546-E837AA3C76B4.thumb.jpeg.088773143dfe4fa739166514670ac94f.jpeg


    Nice to meet you today, glad you enjoyed the run.


    Next run is is on Nov. 21st, which might be one of the last runs of the year pending the weather.  Only 2 spots left so sign up soon if you want to join us 😎



  10. 1 hour ago, MINIFIED said:

    C&C was impressive -- and well behaved. (Some of the C&C's in NC got punted out of the parking lots because hotheads insisted on doing burnouts when leaving the the hosts got annoyed .. hopefully this group stays well-behaved. Oh, I don't mean the MINIs :-))

    Was a great day for a drive and fun roads, fun company, and decent food .. thanks for organizing and to the others who contributed. After a lull in driving last year, WINIFiED is thrilled to get to go out and play with her friends! 



    Most of the Northern VA C&C events are pretty well behaved.  Nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you on future runs :) 

  11. Just now, DavidJCW said:

    Good morning god Mini friends (or is it fiends???)  I hate to drop out last minute but I had a change in plans late last night and I have some things to take care of today.


    Be safe!, Take some pictures! 


    I will catch you on the flip side.

    No problem.  


    See everyone else in a couple hours :) 

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