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  1. I have been trying to see if my intermittent heat inside of car issues can be solved cheap and easily. I replaced the thermostat, no luck. When it does work, it is mainly on the drivers side vents. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Peace and kindness always, Carolyn K Davis
  2. Are they still available? I don't have run flats on at present time, but I so not sure if I would need all 4 to be the same? New owner and learning more everyday!
  3. I have had the same issue with my 2003, and I found it in the gear shift knob. The silver part you depress gets stuck.? I'm sure you have already taken care of your issue, but for future info!?
  4. We replaced the belt (AGAIN) Added a new thermostat to try and fix the issue of little to no heat inside the car. Any others that have suggestions on what could be wrong welcomed!! Thank you, Peace and kindness always, Mother Nature
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