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  1. Well we towed her all the way home and I got in and she started right up?? So I am not sure what happened! Thanks you your concern.,,
  2. HELP! I drove my mini to Lynchburg VA yesterday and she performed great! 52 mpg. No issues until today when I was heading back home(4 hrs) I stopped to look at a shop on Main street and when I got back in the car it won't stay started?? It cranks but won't turn over?? If anyone has any ideas on what is causing this Please contact me..I am stranded!! Thanks in Advance
  3. Yes, Miss.Daisy 03 mini is a magnet for them. I have replaced her windshield 3 times since I adopted her 6 years ago. And my latest replacement already has 3 stone chips!! Thankfully none had spidered and are not in places that interfere with vision. But I do have an issue with my fluid sprayers on the hood! I have to take a needle point and reposition them on a weekly basis. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. Do you still have the side indicators? Will they fit a 2003 mini Cooper? And do you have picture? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi ,Today I let Miss .Daisy rest she had a rough week. I had to go to downtown Baltimore on Monday and Fri which is a 2 hour drive 1 way. But the great news was I was getting 53 mpg. And with the fast prices that was so awesome!! She also just turn 180k in 19 years!! All is well and her and I look forward to going to Richmond next weekend to see The Devon Allman Project and Samantha Fish ,Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie) and the River Kittens on Sunday night in Hope well,VA and then Marc Broussard on Monday night! Rock on
  6. Hi, Happy Super Bowl Sunday 22!! I changed the wiper blades on my 03 mini! I have a question for the group, I cannot seem to keep my wiper washer dispensers on top of my hood aligned to spray where they should? I have used a very thin metal instrument to guide them back to where they need to be and that last for about 24 hours . And we all.know how hard it is to keep our mini windshields clean!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And I think I am supposed to have a washer fluid sprayer for my back windshield ? I can hear a light sound of a motor when I turn on the rear wiper but have never seen any fluid dispenser? I have look at my original manual many times but found nothing? I also would welcome any suggestions to a location in Northern VA.or Maryland of someone to get a oil change and not have to take out a second mortgage? HAHA!! Thanks and have a great day!! ✌
  7. Hi, Today I had to glue the interior plastic casing around my sunroof because it fell out while I was driving!! Glad I was on a country road with no traffic!!
  8. Thank you for the info!! Can you tell me an estimated cost?
  9. Thank you for this info!! You made me less stressed about it. If you know of anyone that you can refer to help me fix my A/C Compresser I would be overwhelmed with gratitude. I checked all the fluids and cleaned it inside and out. I need to replace my driver side door lock on my 2003 mini. Any suggestions or helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I checked all the fluids and cleaned it inside and out. I need to replace my driver side door lock on my 2003 mini. Any suggestions or helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Can someone look into changing the section that ask for your birthdate to make it easier to submit?? I wanted to reply to a message I received from the group today and it asked for my BDATE. Well it would have taken me a very long time to get to the year 64 in the format that is the only way to enter it. ??
  12. I have been trying to see if my intermittent heat inside of car issues can be solved cheap and easily. I replaced the thermostat, no luck. When it does work, it is mainly on the drivers side vents. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Peace and kindness always, Carolyn K Davis
  13. Are they still available? I don't have run flats on at present time, but I so not sure if I would need all 4 to be the same? New owner and learning more everyday!
  14. I have had the same issue with my 2003, and I found it in the gear shift knob. The silver part you depress gets stuck.? I'm sure you have already taken care of your issue, but for future info!?
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