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  1. I have a 2006 R53 that's about to turn 50K. Bought used in 6/15 with a little less than 45K on it. :top:
  2. Scavenger: Thanks for taking the time and effort in writing this all out! I think I'll have to give this some more thought - it may exceed my DIY comfort level. I would really like to have a voltmeter and an oil pressure gauge - I need to check around to see what's available. Thanks again.
  3. Scavenger - They look great! :top: I'd love to do that with my '06 S. How difficult is it to install the gauges and the mounts? Thanks
  4. Escape Pod: great stuff! If you'd like to try an R53, Pepper White with a black roof and mirrors (no stripes) I would be extremely happy. Thanks
  5. It took a long time for the stars to finally align with our bank account, but we did find what we were looking for and it is now in our garage. "It" (no, that's not his/her name, we haven't named it yet) is a one-owner, no-accident 2006 S, Pepper White with a black top, with only 44,700 miles. The car lived all of its past life outside in DC so it has a few nicks, and needs a thorough detailing, but it will look good when we get it done. While we didn't meet our goal of $10k or less, we weren't too far off - we paid $11K. It has an automatic with paddle shifters and a Panther Black interior. And while I can be tempted with mods, they are not in the cards (or in our bank account) right now. Thanks for everyone's suggestions and thoughts, especially Ali, for all the help. We live in Spotsylvania near Fredericksburg, so if you come down out of the big city and see a Pepper White S, wave - we'll wave back. :itsme:
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