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  1. Hey I'm still going silly
  2. Tyler, why are you acting married! Still have a month or so...... No check with Sara needed :-)
  3. Celia and I will be there a bit late, waiting for the pudding to not be soup (its in the freezer)
  4. I'm here, plenty of parking!
  5. Ill make sure someone calls you back, message me your #
  6. Only one person is coming? :-(
  7. I remember a long time ago, I used to detail cars. In fact, I was part owner of the business ! A full detail is something many don't know about, a good full detail is a lot of work (took myself up to 2 days for a car). Watch these guys in action , you will be intrigued .
  8. we do mount and balance at PTUNING
  9. Imma crash this party with my non-Mini self
  10. Looking forward to it. Ill bring an extra set of tires this time.
  11. there will be a pho food truck, and a korean bbq truck ! video of a previous meet...
  12. Im in, look for a fast Lucy
  13. can we tech in pj's ? Im down
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