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  1. I found this article interesting: The Blount County Rescue Squad is stepping up efforts along the stretch of road known as The Dragon... http://www.wate.com/story/22770549/new-safety-measures-in-place-on-the-dragons-dangerous-curves
  2. I found this on Jalopnik today... http://jalopnik.com/mini-delivers-car-thats-missing-parts-sends-best-apol-500006527
  3. Hmm, should I reserve a cabin or a room next year? Tough choice. I drove aroun to see which spots I liked. Would be hard to win best cabin if you don't have one.
  4. Ginger beer??? I thought you meant other "other beverages".
  5. Having ridden motorcycles on the Dragon a few times, please, please, please stay on your side of the road. I know the bikes have problems with that themselves but being on a bike and seeing a car come across the line is much scarier than being in a car and seeing a bike come across the line.
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