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  1. 2nd the small cooler idea -- especially if you are staying in hotels that include breakfast .. too much food between hotel breakfast and MINI R&R breakfast, so nice to have the cooler for the spares .. 


    Likewise on the radios - could have done without them, but they will take up space regardless because wouldn't want to not have them. Blanket vs chairs for any outdoor seating option is personal preference. 


    Fingers crossed the driving app has been improved .. surely with the technology we have these days ... 

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  2. On 4/3/2024 at 5:02 PM, Widdie said:

    I am leaving Virginia on 10JUL24. Staying in Nashville, Oklahoma City, and picking up Jill at the airport in Albuquerque on the 12th. We have all the hotels booked and will be in Alpine, WY on the 17th (non-rally day). Haven’t completely decided if we will continue to Seattle or head back from Bozeman. We will decide that a few weeks out.

     I am flying out to ABQ on the 12th also from BWI. Spending the extra $ to fly non-stop arriving at 3pm. Jill?

    1 hour ago, 2014_Mini said:

    Hello to all!

    I just joined the group and registered for the MTTS, my nephew and I will be enjoying the ride!

    Can I get advice on items such as, I wish I would of known that before, or should of brought that, and items you thought you needed and never used. We will be leaving from Prince William Co. headed to Albuquerque, and returning from Seattle.



    There are 2 dedicated FB pages to the event - including one for "newbies" and there are lots of questions, answers, and lists 🙂
    I will say that every time I have gone (this will be 7th) I have packed entirely too much stuff .. 🙃

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  3. Not sure how many DC Metro members are planning to attend MINIs on the Dragon this year

    Links for those unfamiliar: MINIs on the Dragon_web | MINIs on the Dragon_FB


    But for anyone attending who is interested in caravanning from the DMV/P area, here's details for a leg of the Sunday return option

    (Feel free to co-ordinate outbound plans; they tend to vary. Sunday homeward is more universal)


    MINI Caravan East Sunday, May 5

    (aka Delaying the Inevitable MOTD withdrawal)


    There are no events posted for Sunday as everyone will be headed home.

    But many of us will be headed the same direction, at least for a while. I'll have a lonely 8.5 hour drive back to Maryland.


    Here's the plan for Sunday, feel free to join in:


    Meet at the Fontana Village General Store for 9am departure.

    We will head East along 74 to 19 through Bryson City, Cherokee and Maggie Valley to Waynesville, NC. Drive time 1.50 hours


    Brunch stop at The Buttered Biscuit

    1226 Dellwood City Rd, Waynesville, NC 28786

    Link: https://butteredbiscuitnc.com

    Reviews: 4.7 with 2210 Reviews on Google


    Waynesville is about 20 minutes from where the MINIs heading East (40) and the MINIs heading North (26) will split and have to say Good Bye.


    Please indicate your RSVP so that I may give the restaurant - which has hosted motorcycles, but not MINIs, to date - a headcount.

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  4. There are several potential inquiries and from experience a lot of people will indicate an interest and then drop out .. there are a couple of other feelers out there, but this (DC) is closest to home. Please add my name to the list. One MINI. Prefer Seattle return since that's where the event ends & I'll need to get home .. 


    (My MINI was trailered out to Portland for the start of 2018; I've got a 13 year old car so I throw a car cover on it and we're good. I believe it was about 1/2 the cost of enclosed trailer. Let me know which way you're leaning so I can decide. Thx)

  5. This is soooo on my list; unfortuantely I will be heading out of town and don't think I can wait until after the run to do so. 
    If for some reason I can work out the logistics, I'll join in .. have a great time 

  6. I shipped WINIFiED "to" Portland in 2018 for ~$900, to the MINI dealership there. But I had to drive to Atlanta for the truck and then buy a one-way plane ticket back from Atlanta. It actually worked out really well but would love to see a group doing same out of DC / Phila area to not have to drive so far. 

    Can't justify shipping both directions, so will commit to driving to Albuquerque, likely a speed run ((2) 12 hour days with one overnight) 
    I'd like to say it's too far so I'm just not going .. but I know myself better. There will be a lot of chatter and I'll get afflicted with FOMO .. 

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  7. (This would be a haul for DC based MINIs, but since there are club member all over the DMV area, there may be some interest)


    MINIs are HOT .. MINIs are COOL .. MINIs are BOTH!!
    Join in for All or Part

    PENN'S CAVE | LUNCH | MASSEY'S Old-Fashioned Frozen Custard (since 1947)


    NOT Weather Contingent - we'll go HOT or COOL or Rain or Shine


    Saturday October 28, 8AM at


    359 E King St
    Shippensburg PA 17257
    Leave 830AM to


    The Roast Post (HOT!)
    181 US 22
    Mt Union PA 17066
    Leave 10AM to


    Penn's Cave Caverns (COOL~)
    222 Penns Cave Rd
    Centre Hall PA 16828
    Link: Penn's Cave Caverns
    Boat Ride through all-water Cavern (guided)
    Note: Group rate if we have 20+ attendees committed
    Leave 1230PM to


    Deli and Gourmet Pizza (HOT!)
    12144 William Penn Hwy
    Huntingdon PA 16652
    Leave 3PM to


    Massey's Frozen Custard (COOL~~TREAT .. as in OUR TREAT for JERRY'S BIRTHDAY!)

    600 W High Street
    Carlisle PA 17013


    Note: Group rate at Penn's Cave if 20+ | details provided if/when RSVP reach 20

    Number of MINIs limited to 20

    (Original Post / RSVPs / Discussion on Carlisle MINI Meetup: Carlisle MINI Event)

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  8. If anyone is interested in either of the following, with regards to MOTM, please post.


    1. The Great Ice Cream Run 8.

    Leaving Staunton VA on Sunday July 30th to MOTM. The daily itinerary is posted below - join up at whatever point works for you to cross paths.


    2. The "speed run" back East on Sunday August 6th.

    For those who are out of vacation time & need to get back ...and would rather roadtrip with other MINIs!

    Meets at Sea Shell City 7075 Levering Rd Chebogan. 

    (Time TBD but we usually leave before the event breakfast ie by 8am to get on the road. Return DC/MD/VA/PA same day.)




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  9. Thank you Lori for a fun event and for getting the weather to behave! Though I've been in this area for nine years (and believe it or not used to come up from NC for DC Metro events occasionally when I lived there) we definitely hit some fun roads I had not been on before .. such beautiful scenery!


    When we were stopped at a red light, Jerry and I were talking out loud (is there really any other way? there's my early Sunday AM brain composing a sentence) that if the other non-MINI vehicles stopped in traffic saw 4 MINIs with both MD and VA plates, would they think we were together or would they think it was a co-incidence? Four MINIs would seem to be the quandary point - at 5 MINIs it would be a "definitely planned" gathering -- but in fact at 5 MINIs it was not 🙂 


    See you again soon. I will get the drives together that I have promised, just have to look at the calendar. (Except for the Great Ice Cream Jog, that will definitely be July 29) 

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  10. Just signed up - there will be two of us in one MINI; though not sure what the plan is if the weather is rainy? Will keep an eye on the board ..  fingers crossed for a weather clearing! 

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  11. Event Title: EXTERNAL EVENT: The Great Ice Cream Run 8 to MINI on the Mack

    Event Date: 07/29/2023 04:00 PM to 08/06/2023 12:00 PM

    Event Address:

    The Great Ice Cream Run 8 to MINI on the Mack


    By popular demand, Jak and Dusdee Yaemsiri, who have organized and led 7 prior ice cream runs to Bar Harbor and Mackinaw, have agree to co-ordinate Event # 8 this summer.


    The ice cream run begins at Staunton VA on July 29th.

    Group hotels have been reserved with overnight stops at Charleston WV, Cincinnati OH, Dearborn MI, South Haven MI and St Ignace MI.


    In addition to 2-3 ice cream and donut stops daily, we will visit the US Air Force Museum Dayton OH and Henry Ford Museum.


    After the end of our run, we will join up with MINI on the Mack on Aug 4-5. If you plan to participate please be sure to register @ MINI On The Mack as we will try again to break the world record of 1450 MINIs in a parade!


    There are 20 hotel rooms reserved for each stop.

    There are already 9 claimed by prior year participants.


    For more information regarding the Ice Cream Run itinerary, hotels, stops, contact / registration information for this event, please see the Facebook page at:



    Registration for MINI on the Mack is separate and can be completed here: https://www.minionthemack.com


    RSVP on the event here: 

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  12. Will bring cutlery

    Will bring + 1

    Will probably meet at the track (late night planned Saturday, but if can meet at RP, will, but don't wait)


    Can't do anything about the weather, unfortunately ..... 

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  13. On 5/13/2022 at 8:28 AM, Emma Poppy said:

    How do I sign up for this?

    There are links posted now to sign up for the drive to the track, the track event, and the club picnic being held in conjuction with the event in case you haven't gotten a notice. 
    (Note: the "food" part of the track event should probably be updated with the picnic details?)

  14. 4 hours ago, TATTRAT said:

    Great to see everyone!

    If you'd like to see the few pics I got from our run as well as a few others I got after I got done out that way, click HERE or check out the Facespace link HERE

    First link = 404 error. 
    Success on the Facey-one. Fun pictures, thanks for sharing. Something clearly looks wrong with that overhead of MINX MINI - oh, wait, convertible on a beautiful day with the top up, that's it .. 

    5 hours ago, STXMINI said:


    It was a great day, thanks for coming Perry, we'll see you at the next one!


    NOOOO! A few of us stayed at Bear Chase for a drink, we could have had all that cake to ourselves!!! But we're glad you had fun. Thanks for the excellent sweeping on the front half.

    It was a little after 3:30 - Perry was pulling out, a 2nd MINI leaving also (Scott maybe?) and when I asked the parking attendant he said the MINIs had left. Apparently they didn't know I had choco cake to share. I don't think I have the # for anyone on the run so couldn't text ahead a choco cake warning .. boo.


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