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  1. I ended up with two cabins this year and would love to find someone to take one over rather than give it up the reservation. If you are familiar with Fontana, it's cabin #1012. It's a 2-bedroom, 2-bath. In theory it can sleep 6 and 1/2 people - one king, one queen, one uncomfortable queen-size fold-out sofa and a love seat that is very comfortable provided that you're short or like to sleep in a fetal position. If interested, PM me before March 30th.
  2. 2009 Cooper automatic, 140,000+ miles. About 1/3 quart between oil changes which I typically do every 5,000-7,500 miles.
  3. Oh no! Wont the natural order of the universe be interrupted by your absence?
  4. Today I installed MINI's retrofit 25w xenon headlights on my 2009 R56. In theory they were not supposed to work on my production year model at all. Not entirely true. The lights work just fine. However, the module that is on the passenger side footwell sends a fault code when I start the engine that the lights are not operating even though they are. (I get the yellow headlight with an exclamation point but it goes away after a minute or so.) A MINI tech buddy tried clearing the fault code but it returns. Best guess is that the footwell module doesn't play well with the other updated mod
  5. The band will sing to Miss Dora on Wednesday night if she & PawPaw go to Party Gras.
  6. When I was mapping out future Skirtapalooza themes, nautical came to mind...but more likely pirate than love boat.
  7. The MINI Skirts' welcome party will be back. What about the kilts??
  8. Gigi


    The shirts are all gone. The only working link now is for the pics from the photo booth that we had a Skirtstock.
  9. Gigi


    This is the link to the Skirtstock Photo Booth. You can order prints directly from Oh Snap if you see any that you want to keep for blackmail...uh, I mean posterity. :laugh: Skirtstock Enjoy!
  10. We've got a couch for rent in our cabin (#1012 Circle Road). We're arriving Sunday afternoon and departing the following Sunday. If you interested, PM me. --Gigi
  11. Oops. Guess I better start finding you a buyer for your GoPro since I stepped on your potential sale to Brian. Sorry!!
  12. OR...you can buy a $5 raffle ticket or two from The MINI Skirts at MOTD and try your luck at winning a Hero 3 Black while helping a woman in Graham County improve her luck at beating breast or cervical cancer. Just a thought. :proud:
  13. I seem to recall a friend who stayed there saying there was a sign posted by management admonishing guests not to urinate in the sink. How many times does something like that have to happen before management posts a sign? :hmmmm:
  14. Shameless plug for Skirtstock and FREE BEER...
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