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  1. Yeah, on our previous MINIs, chrome was usually the first thing to go.
  2. Hey DCMM! It has been way too long. Some of you old timers will remember my wife and I from around 2009/2010 when I was on a detail to the Northern Virginia area. I had a 2006 S and she had the LEGO Clubman. We were living in Georgia at the time, but you guys adopted me while I was in the area. Much water has passed under the bridge since then, and we have not had a MINI since the timing chain went out on the LEGO MINI back in 2013. Then, in 2015, I had the opportunity to move to the Baltimore area at Social Security Headquarters and we decided to make Maryland our permanent home. I have been fortunate to work my way up to the Senior Executive Service since, but we never really thought we would ever get a MINI again. Until yesterday... Our son just got his permit a few weeks ago and we had been talking about getting a manual transmission vehicle to teach him and for us to drive around for fun. As luck would have it, we found a 2018 F56 with a JCW Tuning Kit that just begged us to take it home. Being the responsible MINI owners we are, how could we refuse? So, here we are, back in the madness of trying to figure out a name, figure out what aesthetic changes we want to make, and any further mods we might want to do. And, best of all, we are back in DCMM and C3M territory! So, hopefully we will renew some old acquaintances and make some new ones in the coming months as we play with our new toy.
  3. I had the same issue with the door trim on my '08 Clubbie. Fortunately, it was still under warranty at the time and MINI took care of it. Haven't had a repeat issue.
  4. Now, my Stanley just shivered.... Not with anticipation either!
  5. Congrats on the new MINI! This is a great group of people who do a wonderful job of welcoming and befriending new folks. They adopted me when I was in NOVA for a few months back in 2009 and they made such an impression that I still like to hang out on the boards and get together with them when I can even though I've been back in Atlanta for 2-1/2 years. Good luck with the mods - you've got a great looking car to start with. But, speaking as one of the members of the Dark Side, I second the motion to de-chrome. Plasti-dip is your friend!
  6. Multiple MINI families rock! :rock::rock::rock:
  7. We miss you guys too. Haven't been able to work the Dragon into our schedule the last couple of years as it falls close to Beltane, but we will be back. Also want to get back up to the Fall Colors Run, but I have an annual week-long golf trip with an old high school buddy at the end of September, and it is hard to fit in two trips around the same time. I'm still waiting on another opportunity to get back to NoVA - just have to be patient!!
  8. I love fish n chips and pasties -- if you add haggis to that menu, I'd be a regular if I was in the area.... :rofl:
  9. Thought I would pop in and say hello since I got a nice DCMM birthday email this morning. In addition to turning 44 today, I am also celebrating three years with my R53 - Stanley. He has been a great ride, and I have enjoyed every minute of motoring with him. Since DCMM was his first official club of record, I figured I should come in and thank you guys for letting me hang around with you for the first few months.
  10. Funny how you think your life is headed in one direction and in a matter of weeks everything changes. The job opportunity in Virginia fell through, so now that my temporary assignment is over (today was my last day), I will be returning to my previous component with Social Security in Atlanta. I am going to be the Staff Assistant to the Center Director for Materiel Resources. I'm looking forward to the change, and am glad the uncertainty of the last couple of months is finally over. Probably my biggest disappointment is missing the chance to get back with the best MINI group on the planet. But, I'm sure we will stay in touch here and at a few events here and there. Hope to see you soon!
  11. Seems there is a little hiccup with the move. Not sure how long it will delay things, but the first of January appears to be the earliest we will be making the move at this point. Will keep you posted! :banghead:
  12. Great looking vert! That color combination is one of the only ones where I would keep all the chrome like you have. Very nice - can't wait to see it in person.
  13. Carmen stays in her costume all year. Wish we were there to participate!
  14. Welcome! My MINI family can't wait to meet all the new DCMM members!
  15. Welcome to the addiction! Can't wait to meet you and your MINI when we get up to DC.
  16. Since I'll be back soon, I figured I would post of few pictures of what I have done with Stanley since I've been gone. We ended up going with the molded handle covers and have had no problems with them so far. I also added a few more red accents, a hood graphic and black wheels with a red accent. I'll try to update Carmen's thread on here as well. We've added a few blasts of color since most of you saw her at MOTD when we first unveiled the LEGO theme.
  17. Japanese is probably our favorite cuisine, so if you leave us in charge we'll probably go there every month!
  18. Welcome Al! I'm about to be a transplant myself. Having been a long time member of the AtlantaMINIs family, I was also happy to see an active club in the DC area. I hung out with these guys a couple of years ago when I was up for a long-term detail and they definitely have some great rides and events. We look forward to meeting you once we all get settled!
  19. Yum!!! We need to make sure and go back to one of these once we make it to NOVA.
  20. Our plan at the moment is to be there, so we will defiinitely help in any way we can.
  21. Thanks Catherine - I'll have to wait until they actually process my relocation paperwork before I can talk to a realtor, but I will definitely keep you in mind. We aren't really interested in buying right now, but any help finding rentals will be appreciated.
  22. Okay, thanks. My grandparents lived in Annandale when I was really young, so I checked around there when I thought I was moving before. I made the mistake of going to their old neighborhood, which is filled with houses selling for $750,000 and up now.... It would have been nice if they had held on to their house for me.
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