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I picked up a flat tire this morning and am left in a bit of a weird tire state, so I was hoping to get y'all's opinions on where to go from here.


I drive a 2017 four door hardtop (F55), currently wearing Bridgestone DriveGuards (all-season, run-flat, 205/45R17) and they've mostly served me well. The car is a commuter, so long-lasting and reliable are really the most important here. I've gone back and forth on run-flats, I know the compromises, but being able to get a flat, drive home, drive to the tire shop a few days later to get them fixed, that all sounds way better than calling AAA to get towed somewhere.


The current tires:

Front left: 3 years, 26k miles, 7 32nds remaining

Front right: FLAT

Rear left: 3 years, 26k miles, 7 32nds remaining

Rear right: 2 years, 18k miles, 9 32nds remaining


I figure I'll need at least 2 new tires, since none of these are new enough to pair alone with a brand new tire. From what I understand, if I get two new ones, the shop will want to put those on the rear. From there, and given that this is FWD, I'll want the front tires to match closely, which I guess means pulling the current front and rear left tires (same age, same wear) up front. Alternatively, I could swap out all 4, since those two left tires don't have too much life left anyway, but it feels a bit wasteful.


Thoughts, advice, things I've got wrong or haven't considered?

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I chatted with @1975_mini on the side and he pointed out that my rear right tire is actually roughly the same tread depth as new, so it should be fine to run up front alongside a new tire. I'll give one replacement a shot and see how it feels. I ran through the last set of Pirellis that were on this car so fast that my judgement of how long I expected these to last was all off.

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