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Anyone know if the NM Engineering Exhaust will still pass emissions?

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8 hours ago, Mand00 said:

Here is the link to the exhaust:



I emailed NM Engineering and asked, but got no reply. I'm guessing they don't know the answer.

Which state are you registered in?


MD and VA are both ODB2 tests (i.e. plug into the port under your dash, and check for emission error codes). The exhaust you have linked is post O2 sensors and therefore likely would have no effect on the emission readings the car checks. 


Most vendors are not going to say it will pass emissions test and the vary per state, you could ask if they can confirm the exhaust does not cause an emission error code from the vehicle. This is something that they can likely confirm, and in MD and VA is the emission tests on newer vehicles. 


Additionally in Virginia you can drive past RAPIDPASS testing stations on the side of the road, and it is pretty had to fail those. lol


1975 Mini 1000, 998cc A+ w/ K&N air filter, 10" Mamba wheels

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