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  1. Here is the link to the exhaust: https://neuspeed.com/collections/mini-countryman-f60-s-2-0t/products/nm-eng-downpipe-back-exhaust-system-nm308844 I emailed NM Engineering and asked, but got no reply. I'm guessing they don't know the answer.
  2. I had 2 deep long scratches around the glove box cover and panel above. (For future reference, when grabbing something out of the passenger seat floor area, don't keep pulling if you meet resistance). I emailed Fibrenew Loudoun with the photos of the damage and a quote. Michael replied to me the next business day with the quote. He came Manassas from Loudoun and fixed the scratches so that they seem invisible. Guy did an excellent job and someone who took a lot of pride in the job he does. I highly recommend if you need any interior repair work done on your vehicle (leather, plastic, dashboard, etc. Take a look at the photos on the fibrenew loudoun website. Guy works miracles. FYI, I received no discounts or special treatment. I didn't tell the guy I would recommend him to others. I just saw the great work he did and wanted to let others know.
  3. Sorry to hijack, but I am also wondering about emissions testing and replacing my exhaust. The one I have in mind is: https://nm-eng.com/collections/mini-f60-countryman-s-2-0t/products/nm-eng-downpipe-back-exhaust-system-nm308844
  4. I've read that an ECU flash is the best way to go. I just don't know any shops in the area that do good work since I'm pretty new to driving a Mini/BMW. I'll reach out to Galen to see what my options are. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I'm waiting on the good pic after I put on the bonnet stripes. For now, if you see an all black countryman (paint, wheels, interior) its mine. Also, username is not related to Star Wars although I am a fan.
  6. I'd like to get more performance and it looks like a JB4 or the Dinan Elite are good options. Any thoughts on which one I should go with? I've already read that the Dinan gives smooth power delivery (feeling like stock). Is the JB4 also as smooth? I've done research into both and it seems people who choose Dinan bash the JB4 and vice versa.
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