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ISO Mini Cooper between years 67 and 73

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Hi All!


My dad is in search of a “vintage” mini between the years of 67 and 73 but i think he would settle for anything in relatively good condition especially with minimal rust. If anyone know of anyone selling a mini that is in this ballpark could you point us in that direction? 

thank you! 

You can text my cell at 571-319-2440 


Sarah Grijalva 

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Are you in the US? If so you pretty much have two hopes. Bob and No. I think I've only ever seen one proper mini since I've been here in since 2000..

If your Dad wants a original mini, You'd be better off looking in the UK and get it shipped over.They all fall under the 20 year old hurdle but do your homework when buying sight unseen.

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There are a decent amount of them for sale in the US prices are a bit crazy like everything right now. 

join classic Mini parts trader USA on Facebook and there are a few for sale on their. That group has most of us with classic in the US. So it a good pool of folks that will know where decent one are for sale. 

also the Facebook group capital Mini register is all the classic owner in the area. Quite a few more than you would think. I think there are 5 DCMM club members with them now. 


1975 Mini 1000, 998cc A+ w/ K&N air filter, 10" Mamba wheels

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