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  1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing you next time.
  2. Hi guys! Great run today. We happened upping a Veterans Day parade that’s going from 1-5 on Main Street in Brunswick on the way home just wanted to mention it in case anyone else was interested. Also, here are some pictures I took from today. Happy Sunday! - Sarah
  3. Hi All! My dad is in search of a “vintage” mini between the years of 67 and 73 but i think he would settle for anything in relatively good condition especially with minimal rust. If anyone know of anyone selling a mini that is in this ballpark could you point us in that direction? thank you! You can text my cell at 571-319-2440 Sarah Grijalva
  4. Such a cool find! We had a great time, hope to see everyone soon!
  5. Carlos and I are coming but stuck in traffic will be there around 1045! If you guys are already gone we can meet you at the 2nd stop :)
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