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What's Everyone Using on their Trim?

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For those if you with the F55/56, what do you use on your black plastic wheel arches and rockers?  I have tried everything, Stoners, Back-to-Black, etc., and after a couple of weeks my trim is a dull, faded grey.  Any advice? 

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I just picked up the Cerakote ceramic wipes. I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but they look promising. They form a ceramic coating that bonds to the plastic and lasts much longer.


The reviews are mostly positive. The complaints I've seen have all been about botched applications, which I'm hoping I can avoid. Take my time, get the trim super clean, and mask everything off.


Don't take this as a recommendation until I can give them a shot though. I'll try to remember to follow-up on how it goes, maybe next weekend.

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It took me an extra week to find time to try those Cerakote wipes out, but I can report back on the first attempt. Overall I'm pretty happy. Here's a few photos of the before and after and what I did.


I didn't have time to do the whole car and I wanted to test them out before committing to a bigger job, so I tested the drivers side mirror and the drivers side rear wheel arch.


This is the wheel arch before I did anything.



This is after cleaning (first with Armor All Bug & Tar and then a mix of blue Dawn dish soap and water), masking, and immediately after application.



And these are a couple hours after application. The side skirt is cleaned but not coated, so you can see the side-by-side.



I'm pretty happy with the wheel arch, barring one spot I missed. There's a bit of streaking on the mirror - it was hard to apply even strokes to such a small, contoured piece. But it still came out good enough, and I'm hopeful the streaks will fade.


This was all done with 1 wipe, and it likely had a bit more in it. Like I said, I'm pretty happy with it and will definitely do the rest of the car when I get a chance this week. The masking is the most time consuming step, but important since it'd be difficult to not get coating on the paint otherwise.


Let me know your thoughts (or if anyone else has done this and has tips, I'm all ears).

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