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Installing Lowering Springs

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Hello all,

Does anyone have experience installing lowering springs?  I have the springs.  The rear end is easy and I can do it alone.  The front concerns me due to 1) resetting alignment specs as close as possible till I get it professionally done and 2) compressing the spring on the strut to remove and replace (safety concerns).  I am debating on having the front end just done professionally, but before I bite that bullet of money, was wondering if anyone here has experience. 

Long story short, I am popping slotted rotors on my car due to brake fade under heavy braking (tracktime), and that is switching my class of racing.  My new class allows me to put the springs I want on.



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I had them professionally done.  But I am about to do coilovers on my new BMW.  The problem with the MINI is there aren't a lot of guides out there that show off the whole process.  For the BMW there are tons of videos on youtube about how to do it.

Double check your OEM shocks for any signs of leaks.  The rears failed me at about 45k miles, which is why I jumped to the coilovers.

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@twakefieldhas it right there is not a lot out on the gen3 for mod tutorials. I did lowering springs on the wife’s countryman (1st gen) and it was all straight forward. Those front end have very little load when the assembly is off the car so you could just have a buddy lean on the top hat and get the pressure off the nut. Not sure the load on a the 3D gen, but you can also pull them then take the assembly with the new springs and have them swap it in. You then do the reinstall. 

as for alignment. The biggest thing you are going to change is camber, you will need an alignment or new tires as it will eat the inside edge. I marked the bolt in the front strut tower by tracing them with a sharpie, you will be close enough to drive around and to the shop for a new alignment. 

with previous generations you have to also do adjustable rear control arms at least the tops when you lowered to get the required camber adjustability. @twakefield might be able to answer that with the 3rd Gen. 

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