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Air pressure during autocross

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So i just switched from 205/45R17 to 215/45R17 for autox (RE71Rs).  I ran low pressure in my front tires, about 26 psi, previously for grip.  I ran 35 in my rears.  This allowed me to brake before a courner, shift weight to the front, gas through the corner and kinda "bounce" my.rear around it.  Issues being melting the front tires.  Wondering what PSI anyone else runs?  I will be taking a mister to cool tires between runs (have a SCCA run on Sun). Pic is of my old tires after track time.   


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Those tires are not very sensitive to tire pressure although I ran higher pressures on my R-53. I found you could adjust the tire pressures on the front to suit the way you liked it to feel and the times didn't change. I ran anywhere from 38 to 32 and had the same results. The tire in the picture shows they are working. Competition tires need to come up to temperature and the grip on all tires comes from tearing the rubber off the tire. If the car is slowing between runs you want to cool them. In cooler temperatures you might not want to cool them down. RE-71s definitely need to be cooled on a hot day.   

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