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DCMM/C3M Ice Cream Run

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Event Title: DCMM/C3M Ice Cream Run

Event Date: 08/30/2020 10:00 AM to 08/30/2020 05:00 PM

Event Address: Frederick, Maryland, 21701, United States

RSVP on the event here: DCMM/C3M Ice Cream Run

We will be doing a run next Sunday (Aug 30th) at 10am to squeeze one in for august it will be the all mix the C3M traditional ice cream run but hitting the creameries in a reverse order. This run is capped at 20 MINIs due to roads and the venues under current conditions. The run will begin at a park in Fredrick, MD (not the usually one) and head north to Misty meadows, followed by South Mountain, and ending at Rocky point creamery.

As this will be a dual club run, I am allotting 10 spots to DCMM and 10 to C3M, please confirm you are attending by RSVP for the event (only mark yes if you are coming). I will allot spots based on the order in which you RSVP, and I will send you the start location.

Driver's meeting is promptly at 10am

Hope to see you all there, please drop me a line with any questions.

RSVP on the event here: DCMM/C3M Ice Cream Run

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9 hours ago, althewoodworker said:

Where is the starting place in Frederick for the Ice cream run?

Looks like Corey intends on sending to the final participants right before the event this weekend.

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