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Help with new shoes

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Hello all, especially you competive drivers!


I need a little forward planning advice in regards to wheel and tire setup. Here's what I currently have:

16x6.5 et40 Tire Size 205/50R16 (Currently with Winter Tires- possibily last season on them)

17x7 et48 Tire Size 205/45R17 (OEM Stock wheels- need new tires)


With the exising intention/need of dailying, which Wheel should get the tire upgrade for the new year. I've been leaning towards either Continental ExtremeContact Sports or DWS tires. I'll be doing "spirited" runs (MOTD), possible AutoX and maybe a couple of track days.


I have been weighing on the idea of getting a good set of 16x8 or 16x7.5 race tims and slapping a set of RE71Rs on it, but current budget says no (maybe after taxes are all sorted out). I think if I went with the 16sIi have (due to how much lighter they are then the 17s, i would think about getting some spacers to help push the grip surface out a little further.


I'd really appreciate your input...


Thank you in advance.

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If you plan on using these tires all year long don't get the Bridgestone. They are summer only. The Continental and Michelin are very good. Almost as good as the autocross tires . Most people like the Mìchelin the best. It is a very good rain tire. I personally would use the 17 inch wheels. Bigger is better and wide wheels make a difference. You may be confused about the offset number. The offset is from the centerline of the wheel. All MINI wheels and just about everything else have negative offset. The 40 MM wheels have a wider track than the 48 MM wheels.

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