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What Events are you trying to do

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Hello All,


With Registration now opened, I was curious as to what events everyone is planning on doing? I know the focus for some is strictly running the Dragon but many like the 'excursions' to other places/roads.


I'd love to run the Dragon as many times as possible, last year being my first time, i think I got about 16 runs (out and back) in.:motor: I hope to increase that number this year, without killing the great social aspect of this event. once I sort out my scheduled events i'll post my rundown :)





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I don't really know. I'm a vendor doing photography so I usually stick close bit this year I'm planning on having more fun. I'm laying a run Thursday morning and will pick one run to go to.


For me the MINI Skirts party, BINGO and the drive in are the highlights of the event. They're showing Rogue One so I'm bringing my jedi robes for that.

Tigger 2006 the cabrio and Riversong the 2014 Countryman


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