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Who wants to fly?

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I have a quadcopter built on a DJI Flamewheel F-450 frame that I'd like to sell or trade. I'll get a full inventory of what goes with it but here are the main points:


-DJI F-450 frame with DJI motors, 10" props. I replaced the ESC's but still have the DJI Opto 30's that will go with the package.

-3DRobotics v2.6 flight controller (A never used v2.5 controller for backup/spare)

-External GPS and Compass

-3DRobotics wireless telemetry radios

-Fat Shark Predator V2 FPV goggles with "cloverleaf" omni directional antennas and spare battery for goggles

-Gyro stabilized camera gimbal mount - for GoPro action cameras - new in box, never got around to installing it

-Extra height landing skids for the camera gimbal mount

-Turnigy 9x radio with Frsky D8x, LED backlight and "smarty pants" board installed.


This quad is equipped for, and capable of being flown manually with the Turnigy radio or, it is capable of fully autonomous flight - you can use the free software (Windows and OS/X friendly) to set waypoints and have the quad fly the "mission" without any operator input. The software for the flight controller, radio and Mission Planning system are all open source with a very active and friendly community behind them. That also means that it's free. The Fat Shark goggles will allow you to fly First Person View "FPV" with live video directly from the quad itself. I have the small cctv camera that came with the kit but I flew it using a GoPro on a fixed mount. This lets you see exactly what your camera is capturing AND it lets you fly the quad as if you were actually onboard.


The only thing you'll need to get flying are batteries and a charger. If that's a show stopper, I do have one spare charger and two batteries (3s 2600mah LiPo batteries) that I can add to "sweeten the pot". With these batteries, you'll get roughly 15 minutes of flight time. I'm selling this set up because 1) I have another one and 2) I need to clear by work bench to make room for other interests and hobbies.


There's easily $1,000 in gear involved here and it's all well taken care of. In addition to what's listed, I've got a tub or two of miscellaneous extras and spare parts. I know that I have a LED controller and several strips of LED lights that I never got around to installing - they will go with it for free.


I'm starting at $750, delivered to within a reasonable distance and if you have flight experience, I'll bring charged batteries so you can test fly it. If you don't have experience, I'll fly it for you so you can see that it works. After that, you'll want some extra props as you learn to fly yourself. A great thing about this airframe is that it's tough, it's modular and broken parts can be replaced easily.


Trades? Okay. I'm obviously into Jeeps but I'm also into ham radio, hunting (gun and archery), guns, gadgets and ???? Reasonable offers are always welcome. I'm putting this on Ebay next week at a higher price so here's a chance to get into a well built, exceptionally capable quadcopter with almost enough parts to build a second one for a good price.

2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon "Homer"

2012 MB/CR JCW R55 "Merlin" Sold

2009 LB/LB R56 "Archie" Sold

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