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15 gal column tank and stand for sale and more fish stuff

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want to focus more on the car and not my fish hobby. Have 3 tanks already and i'm slimming down. My lost is your gain :)


info on all tanks:


Tank 1: Aqueon® 15 Gallon Column Deluxe Aquarium Kit. i've upgraded the filter system to a 30 gal, this will also come with matching stand. For more information below is the picture and link to the stand and aquarium




and stand




All I want for this setup is 100 dollars. You are getting everything you need for 50% off.





Tank 2:


25 gal tank with open metal stand has an upgraded filter for a 60 gal tank to keep the water extra clean.


Price to sell at 50 dollars




Other random fish items


LED white/blue light - 15 dollars (used this on the column tankj and it worked great)


Random fish items Will take pics of it once i get home



I will be willing to sell the Angle Fish and the other fish with any tank for the right price. Will post more pics of everything tongiht

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