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  1. ended up selling the mini after i got it fix... :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  2. Hello everyone... Does anyone have an old OEM header that they need to get rid off. My header broke yesterday right before the cat. Let me know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. VOLKS!!!!:top::top::top::top::top::top::top::top::top::top::top::top::top: TE37:congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats:
  4. WHOA!!! :congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats::congrats: Thank you so much for the pics!!! Just had some time to go through all of them!! Great shots.. and wonderful shots of my little girl!!!:rock:
  5. I saw the album haven't looked through the pictures yet. Can't wait to see them.
  6. i tried to get every car.... if i didn't sorry:banghead: also if anyone got some of my car... feel free and let me know. :top: work has been killer so no time to go through my go-pro
  7. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10102228578428127.1073741839.36604039&type=1&l=3f738f9853 uploaded my pics.... :motor::rock:
  8. I'll work on uploading my video and pics... i was the Red mini that kept speeding to the front to take pics.... BTW... i noticed the group was split into two... the first group was a good 1/2 mile ahead of everyone... catching up that that group was :motor::rock:
  9. If you ever want to see what the ride is like you are more then welcome to drive it anytime.
  10. I've had H&R coilover since I've had the car. Love them. Very rough ride but you get use to it... And I'm. Kind of slammed so I'm sure that doesn't help. Lol
  11. I just trashed my stock suspension last week. So sorry to hear. I would have just given it to you
  12. post pics of the rims... i'm on my 3rd set as well:rock:
  13. If my inlaws weren't coming into town for 2 weeks i would open up my drive way. We have more than enough room. But welcome!!!
  14. We should try and set up a mini get together there
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