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  1. Thanks! It looked like going through the top was possible, with rotating the parts to clear the firewall, but I wasn't sure about the one that goes to the outer ports. Basically because of it's Y shape could you really rotate it to get the bottom to clear. I didn't want to get started or in too deep to find out it wasn't possible.
  2. Anyone here have any experience replacing the exhaust manifold on a classic Mini? It's a '67 Mk I. Is this doable at home with jack stands or is a lift necessary? Do the manifold parts go in and out through the bonnet or underneath? Or do you need to remove the engine to do this? I'm assuming you need to remove the muffler and exhaust pipe first, then the collector (Y), then the manifold pipes, but can't figure out if it's via the top or the bottom. Thanks for any advice!
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