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  1. The intent was for this to be a group outing, but Yes I would do it again... ill let others propose a date though so we can get more interest/attendance. It was a lot of fun. In fact, the second run down the road I hit 70 a few times and took some curves a bit faster and managed to make myself a little nauseated. It was awesome.
  2. Made it back in one piece. Car just got washed because of the ridiculous amount of bugs I picked up over the 600+ miles. Totally worthwhile trip. Marion has a lot of restaurants and fast food joints given it's size. The downtown area where I stayed was nice. It wasn't amazing, but it was nice. Hungry Mother State Park was near by (about 2 miles away) which offered swimming, paddle boards, canoes, etc. So a good weekend trip makes this 5 hour drive worth it. Tazewell was barren. Not much to see or do there. Because it was so slim pickin's I recommend a south to north run and flip around to get back to Marion... it definitely had more to offer.
  3. Back of the Dragon: https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A65oqs3qNZlbO
  4. Stupid Tapatalk! Looks like none till tomorrow!
  5. Just stopped for a Mini Photo Op
  6. Some eye candy Tazewell is one step up from Paw Paw.
  7. Woot! South to North complete! What a great road to drive! Average speed 56mph... Got hung up behind some truck who let me pass and then a Mini Van... Worth the trip! Time to RGB some water, stretch and do it again!!
  8. Happy 4th everyone. Last day before the run out....
  9. It was you! That's me... Florida and Passport can't figure out how to make my Florida Transfer plates allowed again. I posted about this in the Members section.
  10. I was less than thrilled with that choice.... but I did make it a goal to catch back up. It did require a few 95+ sprints to make it happen though. Too bad the blue Countryman didn't stick with us after Manassas. Anywho, here are a few pictures that I took... I didn't mess with them at all in Photoshop yet, but there are some Minis in a few of them. https://plus.google.com/photos/106048834043518236229/albums/5893562650117850833/5893562883410114898?pid=5893562883410114898&oid=106048834043518236229
  11. Thanks for this. I had a great time. Chillin and I ended up running tandem back to Fairfax (after my GPS set me off on the wrong path and I ended up catching her)... I figured I should spend some time at home today. Thanks Ali! I hope BOTD is as fun as today was!
  12. Epically. I hate forums for that very reason... I too fail epically with jokes in the written form. I suppose ill let it slide...... but just this once! See you out there today. Im starting to make my way now!
  13. Not sure why that matters... -- Break Break -- Weather out here in Falls Church is looking a little dark so I hope it gets nice out west. I have an extra radio that someone can borrow if they need to.
  14. Another GP! Sweet... Looking forward to seeing another one next to mine :itsme:
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