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  1. Hi Corey, on the verge of taking Otis in to install a Sprintex Supercharger with a Dyno Tune. This is the last step in my process. I have already had the engine completely rebuilt, all but the crank. It's been a several year process but, at the end, I will have a completely restored 2003 Mini Cooper S. Every system has been gone through. Mini's are Addictive ! Need to find a Meeting !!
  2. Thanks, I think I met him at one point in time. Randy also does paintless dent repairs correct. I was at Randy's shop having him remove a small dent, and spoke to the gentleman next door. Geno
  3. Does anyone know of a good upholstery shop in the area that are reasonable, and do good work. Near Chantilly preferred. I need to recover my seats and I need to replace the headliner. Thanks, Geno
  4. Always put on a new belt ! Depending how far you go, 15%-17% will determine what size you install.
  5. Set of 2 Chairs, Never Used, Still In the Box. Great for Camping, the Beach, or hanging out in the yard at the BBQ ! Chairs cost $240 each new. $200 takes the set ! PM me, or call 202-577-1870 or shoot me an email. grwason@msn.com Thanks, Gene
  6. I am looking for a shop in the area that installs.
  7. Does anyone out there know of a good place that does striping ? I have a neighbor looking to has his S striped. Thanks, Gene
  8. You'll love this !!!!! Go to Google Maps, Enter DC, click, erase DC then enter 42nd and Warren St NW, click. On the left margin you will see the picture. Click on picture. This is the intersection before the signs were posted and the circle was built, you should see a fork in the road. Best part ! Now drag on the picture and do a 180, go down the street to the next intersection by placing the arrow of your mouse down the street and clicking (this for those who don't know) when you come to the next intersection. which would be 42nd and Van Ness. What do you see in the intersection ????
  9. This sign, and there are several of them, is located at 42nd St and Warren St in NW DC. Right off Van Ness and Nebraska Ave intersection by American University. A picture would be cool filled with MINI's !
  10. I thought I would share this street sign I found yesterday. Mini Sign 2.jpg Geno
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I will make sure not to mention my affiliation with DCMM. Funny, I have noticed in the Mini world that there seems to be a few personality conflicts. The person (company who built my head and cam) seems to have had a falling out with Jan from RMW years back. And as the story goes, Jan will not touch or tune anything that this company has built. As the famous saying goes, "Can't we all just get along !" Who suffers, the Mini world ! We have to navigate through the conflicts to attain the ultimate goal, Fun for Us !
  12. I found BEHE Performance in Beltsville, John the tech they have been tuning Mini's since 2002. I am going by and check out the shop. I will let you know. What does RMW charge for a tune by the way ? If he is doing tunes remotely, obviously you need to have software system installed. That can be very pricy in the beginning. And if I am not mistaken you will need to have an additional O2 sensor installed for tunes only. Geno
  13. Has anyone out there had a recent tune done ? I am looking for a reputable shop that has a good track record. I am willing to do some traveling to find the right shop. Let me know ? Thanks, Geno
  14. I saw this a few weeks ago. I am extremely interested in this product. I wanted to know if any of you out there would be interested in going this route ? Evans Waterless Coolant. It is used by many racing teams, and Jay Leno himself. Who's a bigger car guy than him ? If Jay Leno would use this product in his cars, for as many as 16-17 years. And I am guessing that the cars that he owns, are way more expensive than probably most of our cars put together. I did a bit of research with this. I actually called a Tech Rep for Evans. I explained what kind of car I was interested in using it in. We had a 30 minute conversation. I also asked the questions that would be relevant. Like, do we have to change the Thermostat to comply with the change in temp ? How do we make sure the water is completely out of the system ect... He was extremley helpful ! Basically, we would have to order for each car, 1.5 gallons of NPG+ @ $66 per car, and we would need 1 gallon of Coolant Prep per car, @ $34, to remove all water from the system. Now recognize they only sell the coolant, and prep, at a gallon at a time. So, two people would need to go in together to make it feasible. So about $100 per car (without shipping cost), and not including labor for flush. Bilbo Automotive would be more than happy to do two cars at a time. They are giving us a 20% discount on labor until the end of March, but they may extend it if we sign up enough to make the change. I am going to call them to work a deal for interested participants. Note: There is no need to change the thermostat. Now if you have older hoses you may want to think about upgrading. Radiator, as long as you have had no problems, you should be fine I myslef have a new complete system that was installed a few months back. Radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat, so this is a no brainer for me. Look at the video I have attached. there is also a new updated one as well. Just look up Evans Coolant Sytems on the web. Think of it, Never have to change, or flush your system ever again ! Never worry about opening your overflow tank cap again ! You'll save money in the long run !! As well as protecting your cooling system against corrosion ! Anyone interested in going in on this ? Evans Cooling Systems
  15. Bilbo Automotive 4938-A Eisenhour Ave Alexandria, speak to Belen, 703-461 3118, they are giving 20% off labor for DCMM members through March.
  16. Hi Tia, Welcome. If you are looking for a place to live in either DC or MD let me know. I am a Realtor and work for a Property Management Co and we have many properties in the area. We don't have any in VA though. I would suggest OXSpeed for you Mini needs. They are in MD and a little ways out of the city, but they are fantastic ! If your interested in finding a place e-mail me or PM me. Geno
  17. Just a suggestion. Has anyone thought of contacting the local Police Dept and ask if they could stop traffic as we are all exiting the parking lot as to keep us all in one group as we enter the freeway ? Last year we got caught at the light and we had numerous staggered groups. I just thought it would look more prestigeous and it would be easier for all to stay in one group. Geno
  18. Craig that sounds great, I will contact him. Yes, this weekend I figured is not a good one. I have to work anyways. Maybe next weekend. I'll shout out to Ricky and see. Geno !
  19. Okay, long story short ! I am looking for some help. I am tired of paying the $75-$90 an hour labor fees ! I need to change my Oil Pan Gasket. I have had All Gaskets, and "O" Rings replaced, wth the one exception, my Oil Pan Gasket! Wouldn't ya know it, it started to leak a little a couple of days ago. I am 1st looking to see if anyone out there has access to either a lift, or jacks so I can do this. 2ndly, if there is anyone out there who would be inclined to give me a hand ? 1-2 individuals who have the experience in changing out their"s, or a friends. I will supply payment in the form of: I will supply the Food, and Beverages needed, and I will also be available at anytime, (within reason, you ain't calling me at 3:45 am because you need a push!) No, I would make myself available anytime you need to do some work to your car. I have turned many wrenches in my day ! Come On!!! It will be a Fun day out ! I have pretty much all the tools needed with the exception of a Torque Wrench. And a way to get the car off the ground ! If your interested, and you can help me out. Let me know, PM me or whatever. Thanks, Geno!
  20. I have been also running the Cravenspeed. I looked at all other brands and I have found the Cravenspeed to be of very high quality design, I reccomend it.
  21. Well finally the verdict is in regarding my quest to install 225/45/17's on Otis. I finally got my new wheels in and my Tires had been delivered to my installer (Goss' Garage in Seabrook) (Pat Goss, one of the hosts of Motorweek) I had a Thursday appointment for the install, but everything was in on Tuesday, I went over and Pat Goss had his best tire and Alignment guy check out fitment. Well to my delight we decided to mount only one tire, we checked the rear because that was where we were going to have issues if we were to have any at all. This way if they were too big I could order another size and all would be good for my Thursday time frame. I got the all clear. I was so happy !! So I go in Thursday afternoon, rears went on perfectly, the fronts another story ! I have ASA AR1's with my all seasons on them, they have a 42mm offset that clears my JCW Big brakes no problem. The new wheels I ordered are Kyowa Evolve 628 series with a 42mm offset. What could go wrong I say, all the same measurements. Well I just found out that all wheels are not cut the same as far as the back side of the spokes ! My ASA AR1's are more concave and produce more clearance. I had to order some spacers and wait until today to finish the job. Be carefull out there when ordering your wheels, an offset does not guarantee the clearance you may need. Design plays a huge role. Thanks to all with your great input. That's all of the fun, figuring out what works and being able to share so the next person may benefit. So in conclusion, 225/45/17's will work with a stock suspension. [/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
  22. Mine is not lowered and I have ordered a set of Kyoma Evolve series 628 17x7's to mount them on. All are being sent to my installer so, when they come in I will have them mount just one. See what we're looking at. It makes me a little more confident that you ran them on your car and only had some rub at the lock with a lowered set up. Worse case senario is that I will just have to pay for shipping back and Tire Rack will send another set of tires. I appreciate all of your input. I will let you know how everything comes out sometime next week when I go to mount. Thanks !!
  23. Thanks for your input. I also read that anything from 3% or less is fine. When speaking with the Rep he stated that I would have an 8/10" larger all the way around in Diameter. Width I am not worried about. After I measured my wheel well, I have at the smallest clearance spot, 1.5" and up to 2.25" where I think it matters most. I don't load my car, except for my Fat A$$ ! Any other input from others is welcome. Thanks !
  24. Is anyone out there running 225/45/17 on there 17" Rims ? Any problems ? I just ordered a set of Continental Extreme Contact DW for my 03. I am currently running the Extreme Contact DWS 205/45/17"s. I wanted some Summer tires vs. running the all weathers all year long. The 205's look small and way too much clearance. I want to go with a meatier tire. I spoke with a Rep at Tire Rack about a week ago and he said that a 225 would be the biggest he would go. Then after ordering today, I got a call from another Rep wanting to know if that's the size I really wanted. Suggesting they were too big. Help, anyone running 225's with Stock suspension ?
  25. Did you buy your LSD from them ? If so, what was the cost for parts and installation if you don't mind me asking ? I have been seriously think about getting one. Most online prices I have found are at $1075, but I did find one sight for $971. Geno
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