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  1. I bought my 06 Cooper S in 2008 and in the first few months I went on a DCMM rally from Wegmans through Loudoun stopping for lunch at Griffin Tavern. I bought my mini just a few months prior and had never owned one before that. I knew how to drive a stick but I didnt know how to drive a Mini. My two boys and I joined the rally at Gilberts Corner. My youngest was ~4 years old. I hopped in line and just followed the driver in front of me. If they took the turn at 40 I took the turn at 40. It was to this day the most fun I've ever had driving my Mini, I live in Loudoun and dr
  2. Looking at a 2008 Sidewalk. Any red flags that anyone knows? Going from a supercharger to a turbocharger - Interested to feel the difference. Thanks all -- Be Well
  3. Thank you all for the warm welcome and great time. I concur that was the hardest I've ever driven mine too. Got a feeling that record wont last too long though now that I know what its capable of. :rock:
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I've been shifting at 3K and no more than 4250. Methinks I can stomp it a bit more. I think I'll give the non-runflats a try the next set of tires. I have AAA and live out in VA far away from any neighborhood that might scare me. The 93 octane answers bum me out a bit. The service manager at MofS said no you dont need 93. He said the best results he's heard is from 89. The most important thing is to put *good* gas in ie detergent gasoline. Another owner told me her mechanic said just put gas from toptierfuels.com in your car and you'll be fin
  5. Hi All, I bought a 2006 Cooper S convertible from Mini of Sterling. So far I love it. I'm sorry I logged on here after the 3/16 meet and greet at Mini of Sterling. What rpms do you shift at? Is there a noticeable diff in ride comfort if I switch to non runflats? Do you put 93 octane in your Mini? Where is the best site you've found for mini mods? I'm not too mechanical but I'd like to differentiate the outside a bit. Re the pulleys is anyone at the 19% pulley? Is it really that big a difference? Pulley vs No Pulley and/or 15% pulley vs 19% pulley? What is my Min
  6. I will buy for $100. Let me know if you still have em. Thanks
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