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    Air Traffic Controller, Potomac TRACON


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  1. Iflyga, Is "Iflyga" you license plate too, I remember seeing a pate with that a week or so ago but cant remember if it was MD or VA tags. This is off topic but do you fly the same call sign often; I am a controller at Potomac TRACON, if you fly west or south out of FDK then I could talk to you on either 126.1 or 125.05.
  2. Ok I have my plans finalized and regret to say that I will not be able to caravan with anyone. I will actually be leaving late Monday. Have a great time at the Dragon everyone. :top:
  3. Ok scratch that...maybe. I might have to change my day of departure. I am starting a new job with the FAA, I applied a year ago; got my security clearance and passed my medical and psychological evaluation within the next 6 moths and since then have learned that the government takes their time actually getting a date to start(I have been hired as an Air Traffic Controller by the way) So, now it turns out that I may be leaving a day or two later.
  4. Well I am not going to MOTD; but I am leaving for Oklahoma city on that Tuesday and will be taking the same route; well until Knoxville then I will stay on 40 for another 700 miles or so. I will be leaving early and am not really a "stick to the speed limit" person, ask Kurt about that. But I will be looking for MINIs anyway.
  5. That was me! I did see about 3 or 4 others in the lot, seeing a MINI around there happens every 30 seconds not matter what day or time. Edge - Yes, the one by MoS. I did not realize Wegmans was worth the drive form DC.
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