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N00b..... Reluctant Knowledge Sponge...

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Hey there...


I'm a 68yo car freak that has reluctantly been expected to repair, maintain, and overhaul some Minis.


It's not going all that well 'cause for some perverse reason, here in South-Central Pnnsylvania there's a real dearth of Mini folks who work on and/or have any knowledge about the silly things.


So I have more experience with taking the engine in and out and taking the head on and off of a '09 Gen 2 Just-A than I ever wanted.


I have managed to accumulate an '06 Cooper S hatchback with the paddle shift on the steering wheel, 17 inch wheels and what appears to be a horde of upmarket options.


Of course, it has a bad engine.




Of course, this sucker bears little to no similarity to the Gen 2 car I am now so familiar with.




So anyway..... I was told, y'all have some enthusiasts who are also sideline wrenchers and/or knowledge bases as it seems like Mini owners don't have a lot of resources, or at least that I've run into.


Hence my seeking you out.


I will have, and already do have questions.


I live and work in/near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, so albeit not truly local, it's well within the realm of day trips to come to events and seek assistance.


TIA, and am looking forward to engaging.


Jeb Boyd

relevant caveat: I have worked on cars manufactured all over the planet so I am way more qualified than most to understand the depth and breadth of *** I know nothing about.


Hence my assigning myself the moniker of "Reluctant Knowledge Sponge".


I soak up info 'cause I want to know how to fix stuff right.

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Welcome, we are happy to have you. There is likely a decent repository of gen1 knowledge in our forums that may be helpful. 

I feel you Gen2 pains as I am a glutton with a JCW coupe with the N14 motor. 

hope we can answer a few of you questions and if it is something you don’t want to wrench. I know of one good mechanic I can recommend up that way


1975 Mini 1000, 998cc A+ w/ K&N air filter, 10" Mamba wheels

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Well thanks! It amuses me that the one reply I get to my quest for Mini is from a guy who prolly knows who and what Alec Issigonis did.... Although I worked on BMC/Leyland Minis, including a '67 1275 Cooper S, I never had one. I did have a four speed Austin America, a genuine US spec car with the sloppy Hydrolastic suspension and skinny bias ply tires. Paid $50 for it, threw a set of good used tires on it and an exhaust....one piece, front to back, $22 at that time. I drove it for a couple years, did nothing to it other than change the oil. Sold it when the clutch went out to a Mini freak for $400 as it sat. Full synchro box! Anyway.... I am by vocation a British car guy. LOL! Right now it's kind of a race to see if I'm gonna get my '06 Cooper S or the '72 MGB on the road again first. Both have been off the road for about four years. And if that mix isn't peculiar enough for ya, I also have an '07 X3. Well, and the truck. It's the truck. Later.

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