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BBS R90 Cross Spoke Rims (Charcoal) and Michelin Alpin Snow Set ( and S-lites too)

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I bought these in November 2019 and put them on my mini before I knew that I would only be driving to work for another 4 months. Most of the time between March 2020 and May 2021 they sat in the garage on my mini, and since May, they have been stored on the Jegs 'tire caddy'.  I barely put any wear on the tires and when I measured today, the tread depth was about .25 inches.  I had GT Peace do a realignment before I drove on them.  Here is a link to NAM for the original owner's posting for the wheels/tires/caddy.

https://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/mini-parts-for-sale/343791-fresh-refinish-bbs-r90-cross-spoke-rims-charcoal-and-michelin-alpin-snow-set.html I paid $975 for the package and he threw in brand new center caps.  I hate to part with these wheels because they are really pretty and I think they look great with space blue/silver.  But I need the money more than the wheels right now.


Here are the pictures I took today  (except for one pic from last year of the front driver side of the car): https://photos.app.goo.gl/r95s21iYL6P3h1QDA


I'll wait a couple of weeks before I post on NAM or Facebook.  In appreciation of the great deals I got through DCMM, I'm giving members the first shot.  I'd like to get maybe $875 for:

4 tires

4 R90s

Jegs caddy

4 center caps.


check is OK if you are a DCMM member, otherwise cash or paypal only.  I may be able to deliver them if you live close by.


full disclosure: the original owner hit a DC pothole and posted about it in NAM.  I think a slight flat spot on one of the wheels is the cause of a slow air leak.  When I was driving on these wheels, it wasn't a problem.  After sitting in the garage for a few months, my first-gen TPMS gave me plenty of warning one tire was low and I only had to add about 6 psi.  That only happened once after the car was not driven for a while.  The wheels were run on a clubman with the wireless TPMS system so I was told that the 2nd gen TPMS sensors were inside.  I have had no way to use or test them.  They might need new batteries.  


The photo album also shows 4 S-lites that were given to me by another DCMM member.  two of them are missing valve stems,  I always thought it would make more sense to put winter tires on the S-lites, but I don't think I'll be doing that now.  I can include them with the deal if you wanted to use the R90s with different tires.  I wouldn't feel right taking money for them though. 



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06 SB/S MCS Checkmate, Premium,

Convenience, LSD, HK, Chrome interior ZOOM641

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More options before I list elsewhere:


If anyone wants the wheels and tires alone, $750 for: 4 R90s, 4 new center caps, 4 Alpin tires.


If anyone wants me to get the Alpin's mounted and balanced on the old S-lites, how about $450 for 4 Slites, 4 old center caps, 4 Alpin tires?  I'm not sure, but I think the wireless TPMS sensors can be moved and fresh batteries installed in the process. 


I'm just brainstorming ideas.  


06 SB/S MCS Checkmate, Premium,

Convenience, LSD, HK, Chrome interior ZOOM641

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