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16inch Runflats available

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I have 3 Avid ENVigor ZPS tires available for sale, these are runflat tires and all in the same spec (195/55RF16  87V). They are currently with me in Edgewater, MD. 
I had planned on installing these on another set of rims, but chose to keep the winter set installed.

One tire is brand new. The other two are used but have substantial amount of thread left, one previously plugged and the other had a razor blade in the thick part of the tread. I have not tested these other two tires (highlighting the areas with white chaulk), but the lady I received them from removed them all and replaced with new tires before selling her R52 non-S. 

I can bring these almost anywhere in the DMV, but would need to coordinate a date/timeframe. 

Selling for $60. Can be reached via PM 







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