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Saude Creek Vineyard Sunday, March 11

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Anybody from DC Metro going this Sunday? My MINI is currently in Hampton Roads getting spruced up and I would love to be able to catch a ride to Crown MINI in Richmond (or Yorktown) to pick her up and then head to this event. Crown MINI in Richmond is sponsoring breakfast and then at 10:45 the Hampton Roads and RVA (Richmond) MINIs are headed to Saude Creek for lunch. If anyone is going from the area please do two things 1) RSPV on the Hampton Roads site - (they need a head count) and PM me and let me know if I can catch a ride one way. (I will need to confirm a ride for Sunday by this Wednesday, otherwise I'll need to make alternate pick up arrangements and likely won't be able to make this event!

Link to event on Hampton Roads FB: HR MINI Saude Vineyards link

Link to event on RVA MINIs FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/155325488545329/?ti=icl&hc_location=ufi


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Just as an FYI in the event anyone was intending to go to this event -- due to the weather, it has been postponed until April 15th (both parts, the breakfast and the vineyard run); hopefully if you were planning to go you checked out the updates on one of the FB pages, but just in case .. 

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