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• You love your MINI.

• You will have a home where you can chat for hours about MINIs; we won’t get tired of it.

• You will have a group of like minded people that want to go out and motor in their mighty MINIs

• You will have a team of fellow MINIiacs that can assist, advise and help out with maintenance, modifications and general questions about the workings of your MINI

Why does the club charge yearly dues?

• DC Metro MINIs is incorporated as a non-profit. We’re characterized as a club with the IRS, so we don’t accept charitable donations, but we are a non-profit. This makes a difference in any liability you may incur when you participate in club events. In the unlikely event that there is a situation that results in a lawsuit the club has insurance and the corporation protects the individual members from being named as directly liable. You still need to comply with all state laws regarding the personal ownership and use of your vehicle.

• We have expenses to maintain the website and it’s infrastructure.

• We host a yearly picnic where we pay for the burgers, dogs and veggie burgers

• Members can attend the annual meeting where we buy you a nice lunch

You guys are really organized, are you really that serious?

We are a non-profit to help protect our members from personal liability issues. In order to maintain our non-profit status the federal government requires that we have a board of trustees with officers and bylaws. We also have a lot of other organizational structure that we must comply with. However, underneath all that we’re really a fun group that wants to just get out and motor!


What kinds of events are there?

• Our events are member hosted and we have some very creative members. Feel free to look through our events forum to see. Most common events are:

• Driving, where we go out motoring together and then eat

• Meet and Greets and dealerships where they feed us free snacks

• We even go away on overnight events where we motor and go eat

• Sometimes, we just go out and eat

What's a MINIac?

• If you own a MINI, love that MINI, maybe named the MINI and like to motor in it: You might be a MINIac

• If you feel the need to chat about your MINI, mods, other people’s MINIs; You might be a MINIac

• If you made a picture of your MINI your Facebook profile pic; You probably are a MINIac

• If you have dressed to match your MINI: YOU ARE A MINIac

I got a card on my MINI, what's that about?

It’s a compliment from one of our club members. They like your MINI, they are hoping that you want to come out and motor with us. They’re letting you know we exist and are here for you.

Do we really wave to each other?

Just wave! Eventually you’ll run into a MINIac and we’ll wave back. Then the joy that ensues will make your day! Please come to the forum and share that joy with us!

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