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Canon Lens EF-S 60mm f2/8 macro

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I have this lens and always loved it but it's made for a cropped sensor Canon and I shoot full frame. I'm also selling my Rebel tonight so I don't need the lens as I won't have a camera that it works with.


New it's worth $469 and it's in excellent condition. I'm selling it for $300 (or make a reasonable offer)


You can see the lens here




60mm on a cropped sensor makes a great portrait lens. It's crisp and fast, I always loved it and you will get an amazing shallow depth of field. It's also a very good macro lens and really lets you get close to the subject.


This lens is a prime lens, it has one focal distance which is 60mm.


Please PM me if interested

Tigger 2006 the cabrio and Riversong the 2014 Countryman


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