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  1. Well, I ordered and got in the 50 sets, and I'm able to sell them for $299 a set. No, they're not as cheap as the VLAND ones, but they also aren't as cheaply made, and look much nicer. And anyone in the area that picks them up from me I can install them right here. Let me know if this isn't allowed, but i just wanted to get another option for those of us in the US, that are actually available and not as expensive as the UK ones...
  2. Installed a wind deflector for the Roadster, as well as a set of the best smooth sequential turn signal, union jack taillights I've found yet. I've been talking to the wholesaler and I think I could get them to other R56/57/58/59 owners for under $400 including shipping. I just have to order like 50 sets. https://youtu.be/xhkYCxa1B6Y
  3. Oh sweet! Been looking for those in the US. Could only find the cheap ones that didn’t sweep. How much were they if you don’t mind me asking?
  4. Are those the ones with the sweeping amber turn signals or are the turn signals simple blinkers?
  5. Spent the weekend finishing up my new painted ghost stripes after removing the deteriorating stock vinyl.
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