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  1. Thank you for organizing the event. I had a ball and really enjoyed meeting everyone...especially the pups! I have had my manual MINI for only two months and was totally new to driving stick prior to buying it. I just can't get enough now and find excuses to run to the store nightly just to take it out. . This was a great reason to drive around all day and meet such great people. I rode behind one of the "Murphy" dogs and laughed at how much he seemed to be enjoying the drive as well. I can't wait for the next one! Count me in!
  2. Thank you Brandy and Melissa - I'll review the other threads as well!
  3. Hello All, I'm new to your forum and just joined Metro MINIS today hoping to eventually meet other MINI enthusiasts :wavey. In the meantime, I decided to sign up for the MINI on the Mack and was curious if anyone had driven there and how long of a drive I should expect. I know it's about 6 hours to Cleveland/Medina, Ohio as I have family there, but saw that the gPS estimated another 6 hours from there - Does that seem accurate? (12 hours? ish) Thank you for any information you can provide. - Stacy
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