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  1. Another autox tomorrow so im out. Sorry! gotta get ahead on the learning curve!
  2. You can trust me on this one. the 5 peice dash has a panel that's held in place by straps that swings open in an accident. Id never do anything to compromise a passengers safety. On the refresh 3 piece dash i believe it breaks through the dash pad. See this link to get a better idea: http://www.waymotorworks.com/anthracite-pass-airbag-cover-early-r50-r53.html
  3. Im going to try to make it out this weekend as well but i have an autox event Saturday.
  4. That was me i was getting some exhaust work done.
  5. Yep ive been a lonely mini. I also hit the one on 50 on the way home. Adam
  6. This is Adam, i got a new name and such to go with my plate.
  7. Too much, lets just say i have a woodgrain and plaid interior right now.
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