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Hi MINI gang......


I am now in possession of full diagnostic software for MINI. It covers all models - past, present, and future. I am willing to do one of two things: Plug in to read &/or clear codes with a full printout for a small flat fee OR simply let you use my computer for DIY things for a nominal hourly fee. You must come here as I do not lend out my computer or cables. Neither of these options are for me to get rich, but rather to help offset the high cost of obtaining real, licensed, upgradeable hardware and software and also to keep my shop fridge stocked with soda and beer!


If you need dash lights cleared, errors diagnosed, or want to make some modifications, this is the way to do it. I am not intimately familiar with all of the coding options on the MINIs since I don't own one, but if you can find the info you need, I can help you get into the various modules and program it with you.


I also have VAGCom for VW/Audi and Durametric for Porsche in case you have friends or neighbors who are car enthusiasts with those other marques in their driveways!


Please get in touch with me via regular e-mail fro more info.


- Darryl

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