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  1. On 3/6/2022 at 3:30 PM, Chris_V said:

    Installed a wind deflector for the Roadster, as well as a set of the best smooth sequential turn signal, union jack taillights I've found yet. I've been talking to the wholesaler and I think I could get them to other R56/57/58/59 owners for under $400 including shipping. I just have to order like 50 sets.









    Well, I ordered and got in the 50 sets, and I'm able to sell them for $299 a set. No, they're not as cheap as the VLAND ones, but they also aren't as cheaply made, and look much nicer. And anyone in the area that picks them up from me I can install them right here. Let me know if this isn't allowed, but i just wanted to get another option for those of us in the US, that are actually available and not as expensive as the UK ones...

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