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Beat the Rays Tinting Event


DCMM Club Calendar

We are excited to announce another event: Do to a large interest we will be hosting a Tint Event on July 18th with the ability to add an additional day on the 19th. We can support 6 slots per day, meaning we have up to 12 spots available. This event will be held in Lovettsville, VA. Pricing will be posted shortly.

You will be able to signup for spots in the follow order: Once the prices are posted MINIs of paid members will have 2 days to reserve a spot, then MINIs of none paid members for 2 days, and finally any remaining spots will be open to non MINIs.

Please fell free to post any question in the comments or reach out directly to @1975_mini


  • 2 door MINI (2 door hatch, Cabrio, Coupe, Roadster, Paceman): $165 for High Performance or Film $265 for Ceramic Film
  • 4 door MINI (4 door hatch, Countryman, or Clubman) $185 for High Performance or $285 for Ceramic.



Types of tint film available

  • High Performance: a professional quality metallized window film that provides maximum heat rejection and aesthetic appeal.
  • Ceramic: Unlike standard films, it is not made of metal, nor is the film dyed to be a darker shade. ... Instead, the film is imbued with small, ceramic-based nanoparticles

                        ***Please research the differences as the both may have pros and cons based on your needs***


Spots will be filled below a they are filled please see availability below



0800:  Celeste (F55)          

0930:  Eli (BRZ)                                       

1100: Michael (pickup)                                               

1230-1330: Lunch Break                


1500:  Steve (R56)                           

1630: Lauren (R56)

Reserving a Spot

  1. Paid members will can reserve a spot now by requesting a spot via the "tint party reservation" thread in the clubhouse page on the forum.
  2. Non-paid Member will be able to reserve spots starting July 5th by sending a message to @1975_mini with your contact information (email or cell)
  3. Non-MINI vehicles will be allowed to reserve spots beginning July 10th by sending a message to @1975_mini with your contact information (email or cell)

***Do not reserve a spot unless you will be attending, no shows are unacceptable***

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